LIVINSPA –  Wealth of Being

Individual, holistic, effective. LIVINSPA is a place to encounter oneself, a place of touch and develop self-growth. It is a powerful place for the soul that can leads us to our individual balance through oscillation, DNA repairs and touched encounters. The human self-healing power is activated through colors, fragrances and touches liberating the energy fields from blockages and contaminated sites. LIVINSPA is a place for people who seek to find peace and inner balance. A place that leads to force, energy and inner wealth. The first LIVINSPA is in Kitzbühel, Austria. Others are currently in franchise development.

LIVINSPA - Places of inner encounter

LIVINSPA Wealth of Being
at Tirol Camp - Energiebrunnen
Lindau 20
A-6391  Fieberbrunn

Phone: +43 5354 56666 13


LIVINSPA - Franchise

Become a franchisee of LIVINSPA powered by LIVINYOU and open your own SPA

Take advantage of the LIVINSPA concept with trainings and products that put the people’s needs at the center of Your work. LIVINSPA is more than a place for cosmetic applications. It is a place for development and genuine encounters where everything is connected. Colors, fragrances, music are applied individually and carefully to regenerate energy fields and bring it to their original frequency. Bring your ingenuity with you and join us! Be part of the LIVINYOU Family – Your life. Your moment. Live in the present.

LIVINYOU - Trainings & Mutual Growth

Become a certified LIVINREST Practitioner

LIVINREST builds up the chakras through touched encounters and brings the body in the right oscillation as well as loosen blockages. They liberate you towards a fulfilled and self-determined life without constraints and conventions. The products, fragrances, healing stones and body candles that will be applied are adjusted to the individuality of every person.

After the training you will be able to work with your clients exactly via these techniques.

Become a certified LIVINCARE EXPERT

You are inspired to counsel people and work with holistic products. The LIVINCARE system supports the chakras and has been specifically treated with frequencies that serve the human chakra system as well as the meridian system.

As a certified LIVINCARE expert you will be able to work with LIVINCARE products and use them actively.

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Graggaugasse 5/1
A-6370 Kitzbühel

M. T.+436649243333